Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Home Again

Daughter and I went on a quick visit to Berkeley, over the weekend.  We explored the campus where she will be studying for the next 2 years and the apartment she will be living in for at least the first year.  We located the bus lines she'll be taking to get back and forth, scouted out the stores where she will be doing her shopping, visited the branch of the public library nearest to her apartment, and got to know the area, just a bit.  Everything felt so different that we felt overwhelmed at times.

We came back home today and I must admit that it feels good to be back home, again, where everything is familiar.  We are such home-bodies!

After I came home, I went grocery shopping, cooked dinner, and mopped the bathroom, where a trail of ants led from a tiny opening in the grout between the ceramic floor tiles to the cat's food bowl!  Washing the dinner dishes and putting away the leftovers and packing my lunch to take to work tomorrow restored the daily routine and it was almost as if we had never been away!

Staying at the hotel during our visit was nice.  But tonight, we'll have the pleasure of sleeping in our own beds again.  It's good to be home again.

Sometimes, the best part of going away on vacation is coming home again. 

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