Sunday, July 20, 2014

Getting Started

My first blog post!  I have been persuaded by my daughter to start a blog (so very gratifying that my  child thinks that what I write makes interesting reading!) and she was kind enough to set it up for me (since I am hopeless when it comes to such things).  So, here I am, adding my two cents to the blog sphere!  I must admit that I am rather excited to do so. 

It will be a blog about this and that.  My daily activities, musings, my craft projects, my attempts to be as organized as I'd like to be, etc. I've kept journals and diaries for years; this will be another form of journaling for me. 

These days, I am an empty nester-in-training, since my daughter will be going away to graduate school in the Fall. It's a time of change for us both.  A time of loosening the proverbial apron strings and learning to let go.   Of preparing for her moving away and getting things ready for her to take with her when she goes.

Today, I finished knitting a sweater for her.  It's colder where my daughter will be moving to than here, and she feels the cold.  Daughter designed the sweater, with two hearts on the front.  My love for her is knitted into that sweater.   Each stitch was a prayer for her safety, for her well-being, for her success.  It is my hope that when she wears that sweater, she will feel, not only the warmth of the yarn, but also the warmth of my love.  Each time she wears it, it will be like a hug from me to her.

Looking forward to posting many more blog posts.


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  2. Dear Bless,

    you have created a nice virtual home for yourself. I hope you have just begun a great journey with your blog and will enjoy writing.

    Jazz :)

  3. Lucky girl to have one of your hand-knit sweaters!


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