Saturday, July 26, 2014

A First Plane Ride

I had my first plane ride when I was about 5 or 6 years old.  It wasn't a very long ride, but it was in a very small plane and I was not a good traveler to begin with.  I used to get motion sickness when traveling by car, and very often, Father would take the other children and drive to holiday destinations while Mother would take me in the train.  Apparently, I never suffered from motion sickness when traveling by train.  Well, airplane rides caused motion sickness, too.  I cried during the entire flight, and begged my father to tell the pilot to stop the plane!  My family never tired of teasing me about that! 

I've taken several plane rides since that first, rather inauspicious ride.  I've become a better traveler, but flying is still not a favorite method of travel. 

My daughter took her first plane ride, today.  She didn't like flying that much, but, at least, she didn't ask for the plane to be stopped! 


  1. Apparently first flights can be very different. I have fond memories of mine. I was 21 yo and it was a 11 hr flight from Europe to Canada. My travel companion, who had flown maybe three times before, was very worried I might not like it. For my sake, but also because it's no fun to be a companion to an audibly miserable person for 11 hrs without the option to leave.

    The plane was an Airbus, significantly smaller than a Jumbo jet, so acceleration and turbulences are felt more. I liked that. But I also liked the attentive staff that kept passing by with food and drink. After a sip or two, I decided the red wine was good. I had no idea that one gets drunk faster in a plane than on the ground. While I altered the wine with non-alcoholic drinks, lets just say I wasn't entirely sober, but, well, in high spirits when we finially landed.

    On the way back I got to travel business class. My travel companion isn't just very long legged, but he was also obviously unwell. The attendents assigned us empty seats in business class. They probably wanted to keep him, where they could see him and give him a chance to rest. He made the best of it and was decidedly better when we landed.


    1. Sounds like a better first flight than mine!


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