Saturday, May 23, 2015

May Grocery Shopping

This Week's Groceries

I went grocery shopping today and spent $60.85!
The Receipt

Prior to today's grocery shopping, I had gone grocery shopping on May 11, and spent $8.77 and bought some applesauce and a bottle of soda on May 17, and spent $2.09. 

Today, I bought:

3 salmon steaks @ $3.99/lb = $7.84 
Lean ground beef (15% fat) @ $3.69/lb = $4.00
10 lb. bag potatoes = $1.69
2 packages "Armenian Pizza" @ $5.29 = $10.58
Green beans @ $1.49/lb = $1.39
2 cans (28 oz) garbanzo beans @ $.99 = $1.98
Bananas @ $.59/lb = $.90
Apricot @ $.79/lb = $.81
Bing Cherries @ $1.69/lb = $7.01
Rainier Cherries @ $1.99/lb = $4.14
2x 6 oz. packs blackberries @ $.99 = $1.98
2x 4 oz. packs turkey cold cuts @ $.69 = $1.38
5 packs frozen puff pastry squares @ $.99 = $9.95
1 pack Raw whole cashews = $3.74
1 pack Raw whole cashews = $3.45
Total = $60.85

Later, daughter and I went to another store and bought 2 containers of ice cream (pistachio and butter pecan), @ 2/$4.99 (buy one get one free) = $4.99

Total spent on groceries so far in May = $8.77 + $2.09 + $60.85 + $4.99 = $76.70

I am very slightly over my budget of $75, but, I am OK with that, as some of what I bought today (the salmon, the cherries, the blackberries, the Armenian pizza, the cashews, the pistachio ice cream) are daughter's favorites.  She'll be taking some of the items with her when she goes back to Berkeley on Monday.  Some of the other items, like the frozen puff pastry, potatoes, garbanzo beans, and the ice cream, will last well into June and even July.

I might have to buy another gallon of milk before the end of the month, but that will be OK, too.

How are you coming along with your grocery shopping this month?


  1. Hi and thank you for popping by and commenting on my blog, I really appreciate it. I am on track with my grocery budget for the month. However it will be close if I don't go over my $350 monthly total.

    1. Hi Gill, you are quite welcome and thank you for commenting here, in return. Glad to hear that you are on track with your grocery budget for the month.

  2. You are still doing great! I'm in awe of how you can keep it so low. I really need to do better with my spending, especially now that I am no longer working. May has been a total bust for grocery shopping, hopefully June I can do a lot better.

    1. Jess, thank you. I'm sure you will have more time now to check the best deals and shop for bargains.

  3. Bless, some good grocery deals.. Hope our berries go on sale soon.. Right now, they are too high to buy. eeeh..
    Have a blessed week.

    1. Judy, thank you. This one store always has very good deals. I hope you'll find some good deals on the berries as it gets closer to summer. Hope you have a blessed week, too.


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