Friday, October 17, 2014

Recycled Jars

I have always saved and reused jars, especially glass jars.  Once the original contents of the jars (coffee, jam, fruit, etc.) have been used, the jars are washed, the labels are soaked off, and the jars are recycled and reused to store other items, such as bulk bought spices, cookies, and homemade chutney.  

Recycled Jars

I prefer glass jars because they are easy to wash clean and can be sterilized if necessary.  But I'll reuse some plastic jars, too. 

I am recycling, and since I don't need to buy storage containers, I am saving money at the same time.

Anyone else reuse glass jars and bottles?


  1. I save my glass jars too.. Great for storing things.

    1. Yes, and they can be decorated to look more uniform, although I don't bother to do so.


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